Bringing Awareness to Youth Heart Disease
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Alec's Story

Alec Kornet was a 17-year-old Junior at Charles F. Brush High School, in Lyndhurst, Ohio. He was an honor roll student and in the band. He also played, soccer, hockey and baseball. He loved playing sports, especially representing his school. Alec was a well liked young man and could light up the room with his infectious smile. He also had a great sense of humor and joked around with his peers and adults. He had a strong self esteem and you could sense that from the way he carried himself at school, playing sports and just being around people. He also showed such sportsmanship while playing a sport. He would always compliment and talk to the players on the other teams that he faced. Alec also had a gift for helping others, whether they were down and out or needed some help with school work. He had dreams of attending The Ohio State University when he graduated from high school. He had a bright future that was cut way too short and loved and lived life to the fullest.

While at hockey practice on February 14, 2017, Alec complained of feeling lightheaded. He crawled off the ice to get some water. While sitting on the bench he collapsed. Alec suffered from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and passed away after he was rushed to the hospital. He never had any previous medical issues or complaints.

ABOUT The 4Alec Foundation

The 4Alec Foundation a non-profit organization, based in South Euclid, Ohio and was founded in August of 2017, by Alec’s parents Scott and Stephanie Kornet … to educate, spread awareness, and prevention for undetected heart conditions/diseases which could lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest in our youth. We feel it is an important issue that needs to be addressed and brought to light, to help save lives of our youth. It is our mission to get the word out and prevent this from happening to other children and families.

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Bringing Awareness to Youth Heart Disease